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    Posted On Dec 28 ,2019
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    Job Experience : 3 years

Job Description

Name of Position: Medical Doctor / Medical team leader in Dhahar Government Hospital

Name of host institution: 

Dhahar Government Hospital (It is requested to conduct frequent outreach, preventive,promotional and curative activities in the selected peripheral health units and community settlements/villages under Dhahar district).

Address of host institution: DhaharDistrict hospital, Dhahar District.

Name and email address of focal points in host institution: 

Mr.Daud M. Salah (Dhahar hospital Manager). Email:

Dr Jama M. Samatar (District Medical Officer in Dhahar District). Email:

Background information about host institution (Sector, private/public, line of work, website link etc): 

Dhahar Government district referral Hospital, is both primary &secondary level hospital and the only hospital in Dhahar district. The hospital provides several services, including Outpatient care, Maternal and child Health and Nutrition OTP and SC services, Laboratory services, General disease treatment and common Internal medicine, Pharmacy, HIV/AIDS counselling and management, full package of Primary health care services (immunization, antenatal care, postnatal care and delivery) and basic health education and community awareness raising services.

This hospital covers the entire population of Dhahar district, There are various cadres of health staff working at Dhahar hospital including doctors, Community Health workers (CHWs), Qualified and auxiliary Nurses, Midwives, Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Aides and admin and management team. The hospital includes an emergency department, outpatient department and inpatient department. There is one OTP center and one SC units, Maternal and Child health (MCH) unit,delivery ward pharmacy and management office. IOM has supported the hospital since 2016 mainly for primary healthcare units which include, OPD, MCH unit, delivery, immunization, OTP unit, replenishment of essential medical supplies, staff capacity building and provision of continues medical education and management of the emergencies and provision of community health outreach services.

IOM’s supports also includes provision of additional human resources, contribution to logistics such as referral path way for delivery complicated cases, provision of additional support to other two health facilities under Dhahar district namely Buran Health center and Baraagahaqol health center, provide monthly staff incentive some training to health personnel with strong partner to Puntland Ministry of Health has also provides Joint supportive supervision with MoH.

Duration of assignment: From February To December 2020 (can be changed based on applicant’s situation and performance).

Name and email address of supervisor:  

  • Direct supervisor – Dhahar Hospital manager and Regional health officer
  • Indirect supervisor - IOM field project staff

Objectives of Assignment

  1. To support the management of the Primary health care activities and act as the medical team leader in collaboration with IOM field, staff hospital manager, RMO/DMO,head of nurses and midwives and other senior staff.
  2. To perform clinical assessments for patients, emergency triage and resuscitation (when appropriate)
  3. To provide In-service training for local health personnel. In-service training will be based on the MOH/IOM Basic Package of Essential Health Services.
  4. To conduct frequent outreach, preventive, promotional and curative activities in the selected peripheral outreach sites, health units under Dhahar district.
  5. To conduct to join outreach mission to rural area under district catchment locations twice a week; It is expected to train health staffs in Peripheral Health Units and support them to provide medical services to rural people.
  6.  To conduct ward rounds and out-patient consultations according to good clinical practice
  7. To discharge patients with appropriate instructions for further and out-patientcare
  8. To work according to the MOH and local Hospital guidelines, strictly following Somali standard treatment guidelines to ensure national standards are maintained and adhere to universal precautions.
  9. To ensure all documentation meets local medico-legal requirements and that statistical data is collected, using the health monitoring system, and to incorporate information in regular reports.
  10. responsible to supervise MoH – IOM supported staff, prepare outreach plans,oversee OTP and EPI services perform well and integrated with outreach session shaving well defined targets and indicators were met accordingly.
  11. Attend and participate in clinical learning sessions at the hospital, ministry of health and extra.


Main tasks include:

  1. Teaching of skills regarding to Mother and Child Health to local MoH staff, CHWs, midwives, technical nurses or other relevant health care staffs through CME, on job sessions as part of the project targets.
  2. Providing clinical services to the Hospital OPD unit, biweekly outreach villages as well as to several Community Health Centers or Peripheral Health Units under Dhahar district.
  3. Conducting In-Service training programmes for hospital staffs, conduct continues trucking of training topics, assess capacity gaps recommend action points and effectively communicate supervisors/program team.
  4. Review essential medical list, collate and compile medical reports, weekly HMIS reports, OTP reports and medical drug monthly consumption reports.
  5. Undertaking management and administrative duties.
  6. Conducting high quality research with a high potential for national/international impact.
  7. Coordinating and work share with IOM and find good lessons learnt.
  8. Responsible to supervise MoH – IOM supported staff, prepare outreach plans, oversee OTP and EPI services perform well and integrated with outreach sessions having well defined targets and indicators were met accordingly.
  9. Make sure and verify staff monthly time sheets and annual leave plans are put accordingly and submitted timely.
  10. Verify and finalize medical list to be procured, report and share any project expansion opportunities on the ground and present case studies, lesson learnt, propose new gaps and new innovative if any.
  11. Any other duties assigned by the hospital administration.


The resource person is expected to demonstrate the following competencies:


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills including presentation skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, communication style and team work.
  • A creative research vision for development, implementation and delivery of successful research projects.
  • Excellent organizational and administrative skills.
  • Commitment to excellence in teaching and research and to providing the highest quality experience for students.
  • Commitment to working within professional and ethical codes of conduct.


  • High level IT literacy.
  • Utilization of equipment and methods in teaching and clinical practice at both hospital and PHU levels.

Education and Experience:

  • Level of Education: Medical Doctor / MD Area of Study: MD with Specialist is additional advantage.
  • Years of Work Experience as medical practitioner: At least 3 years of relevant experience with proven skills in the management of common conditions and emergencies. Special training of TOT on Somali standard treatment guidelines, immunization protocols, IMAM protocols, reproductive health, IMNCI would be an added advantage.
  • LANGUAGES PROFICIENCY: Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and Native in Somali. Arabic would be an added advantage.


If you are qualified for this position please email the following to and copy to with reference in the subject line of your email please indicate “Medical Doctor / Medical team leader in Dhahar”. Please attach your mail with CV, Cover Letter and academic certificates, We will not be able to track your applications without the reference provided/Subject provided. Application deadline is 18th January 2020. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted and will available for both written and interview test.

Only Somali Nationality are eligible for the assignment.