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    Posted On Sep 16 ,2020
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Job Description

CTG Overview

  • WFP is currently operational in Somaliland, Puntland, Galmudug, Hirashabelle, Banadir, South West & Jubbaland regions of Somalia with Area Offices (AO) established in Hargeisa, Garowe, Galkayo, Mogadishu & Dolow respectively.
  • Despite WFP being active in certain areas, parts of its operational areas are considered inaccessible or have intermittent accessibility to UN staff by the UN Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS). This restricts or limits the ability of WFP staff to liaise directly with retailers & other retail supply chain actors in those areas.

Role objectives

  • Participate / support Installation of WFP Post Harvest Loss (PHL) mitigation equipment.
  • Conduct first level maintenance & repairs of WFP Post Harvest Loss (PHL) mitigation equipment loaned to contracted retailers & other stakeholders. These include refrigerators, walk in coolers, portable solar powered cool boxes among others.
  • Report any faults of equipment which cannot be repaired for further escalation to service & maintenance vendors.
  • Conduct periodic inspection of PHL equipment, repair where necessary & report any further challenges for further technical  assistance.
  • Be on call & be available in the event of an emergency relating to PHL systems failure & emergency troubleshooting / repairs.
  • Collect periodic / adhoc data & put together reports highlighting opportunities for improvement & ensuring effectiveness of PHL implementation activities. Some reports include fresh produce sales data & baseline surveys.
  • Support / contribute towards supply chain projects in the implementation of WFP supply chain operations as & when required e.g. e-shop scale up, retailer monitoring / performance evaluations, Trade Logistics Capacity Assessment (TLCA), Supply chain / corridor alerts in compliance with the established strategies, procedures & any other operational day to day activities.

Expected output: Equipment installation reports:

  • Objective: To provide WFP with comprehensive details of PHL project implementation.
  • KPI: No of installations successfully done & reports shared with WFP.

Baseline / Monthly surveys:

  • Objective: Provide WFP with an insight on retailers / farmers cooperatives operations with relation to farming & sale of fresh produce.
  • KPI: No. of baseline surveys & reports shared with WFP on time as & when required.

PHL equipment maintenance & trouble shooting:

  • Objective: To ensure all PHL equipment are in good working condition.
  • KPI: No. of troubleshooting, maintenance & repairs done & comprehensive reports submitted to WFP.

PHL sales report:

  • Objective: To provide WFP with a detailed report regarding monthly sales of retailers & farmers cooperatives in regards to fresh produce. This will inform WFP on the fresh produce supply chain & any related challenges faced by the supply chain actors.
  • KPI: No. of monthly reports shared on time by second day of the preceding month.

Trade Logistics Capacity Assessment (TLCA) reports:

  • Objective: To provide WFP with in-depth supply chain analysis & insights of specific markets to further advice WFP on the feasibility of CBT interventions.
  • KPI: No. of TLCA successfully done & reports sent to WFP.

Retailer performance control:

  • Objective: Ensure WFP contracted retailers are compliant with WFP rules & contractual obligations by monitoring them to ensure successful implementation of CBT assistance.
  • KPI: % of retailer monitored & evaluated & reports sent to WFP.

Supply chain & corridor alerts:

  • Objective: To provide WFP with continuous insights of the local commercial supply chains, the challenges / bottlenecks & opportunities for improvement & / or engagement. To improve operations & support CSP objectives.
  • KPI: No. of well written supply chain / corridor alert done & sent to WFP.

Retailer Relationship Management (RRM):

  • Objective: Engage with retailers on a monthly basis to develop the retail sector through training & capacity building so as to improve services, cost, quality & assortment in retailer shops.
  • KPIs: (a) No. of retailer meetings held. (b) No. of retailer capacity strengthening training's held. (c) No. of retailer complaints / concerns / feedback received & addressed by WFP.

E-shop scale up report:

  • Objective: To spearhead the scale up of e-shop in Somalia.
  • KPI: % of successful implementation of mobile shop app (number of beneficiaries, retailers, schools actively using the app).

CTG logistics consultants performance appraisal:

  • Objective: To ensure the CTG logistics consultants are appraised & report sent to WFP.
  • KPI: No. of consultants appraised on time.

Project reporting:

This role reports to the National Logistics Officer (CBT) based in the WFP Liaison Office & will be responsible for preparing below reports:
  • Detailed report on PHL equipment installation works (inclusive of photos).
  • Detailed / well compiled weekly PHL equipment troubleshooting / repair reports (inclusive of photos).
  • Adhoc reports on proposed improvements for PHL activities.
  • Dully filled questionnaires related to retailers / farmers fresh produce sales (monthly).
  • Detailed / well compiled supply chain market & retailer assessment (photos & contact list of key informants attached).
  • Properly filled monthly retailer performance evaluations (photos attached).
  • Detailed / well compiled weekly supply chain / corridor alerts.
  • Well captured minutes / action points from monthly retailer meetings.
  • Weekly update report on e-shop scale up.
  • Weekly update report on Post Harvest Loss (PHL).
  • Quarterly performance appraisal reports of CTG Retail Logistics Consultants.
Key competencies: Qualifications required: - Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering / Information Technology OR Diploma in Electrical Engineering / Information Technology with an additional 5 years of relevant experience. Experience: - 3 years of relevant experience matching the TOR for candidates holding a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering / Information Technology & 8 years of relevant experience matching the TOR for candidates holding a Diploma in Electrical Engineering / Information Technology. Geographical experience:- Candidates with experience working across Somalia. Languages:- Must be fluent in both English & Somali. Required competencies: - Able to understand & internalise WFP’s strategic objectives & motivate team members to do the same so as to develop & improve individual & team skills. - Easily adapt to change to accommodate changes in direction from WFP & external parties as & when required. - Show willingness to explore & experiment with new ideas & approaches in personal work. - Able to consistently deliver results (both individual & teamwork) on time, within budget & without errors. - Able to make rational decisions when faced with uncertain circumstances & give supervisory direction to the team when required. - Be a team player who seeks to understand & adapt to different team working styles. - Able to portray an informed & professional demeanour towards stakeholders, internal & external partners. Team management: This role does not have any team management responsibility. Further information:
WFP will provide:
  • Necessary training on WFP rules, regulations, project objectives, assessment tools & systems.
  • Guidelines & tools including questionnaires & checklists.
  • Monthly activity schedule with list of locations to visit in priority.
  • Reporting formats for field missions.
  • Training of trainers on POS devices, e-commerce & PHL activities.
  • Training venues, training materials & trainer.
Other information:
  • Only those candidates whose experience & education closely match the TOR will be shortlisted for this role.
  • Qualified female candidates are highly encouraged to apply for this role.