Call For Expression Of Interest For Participation In Upshift Youth Innovative Livelihood And Skill Training Initiative – Garowe

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    Posted On Oct 7 ,2019
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Call For Expression Of Interest For Participation In Upshift Youth Innovative Livelihood And Skill Training Initiative


New ideas that meet unmet needs – are all around us.

Deadline: 13th October 2019


According to 2012 Somalia Human Development Report, overall unemployment among people aged 15 to 64 is estimated at 54 percent in Somalia. The unemployment rate for youth aged 14 to 29 is 67 percent—one of the highest rates in the world. Limited education opportunities combined with high rates of unemployment are still a major challenge for young men and women in Somalia. The lack of job opportunities on local labour markets for the large number of well-educated youth migrants (high school and university graduates) can lead to a substantial brain drain from Puntland.

Children and youth are exposed to growing risks across regions of Puntland. The recruitment and use of children by armed forces and armed groups continue to present multiple risk to young generations. The still active armed conflict  between Somaliland and Puntland increased the involvement of young generation into the armed  fighting that centres around Tukaraq district, locating 90 km on the eastward of Garowe, the Capital City of Puntland. More than 100 children affected by the Tukoraq  conflict were relocated and receive rehabilitation support in Garowe. More than that continue exposed to similar risks of recruitment by clan militia, ALshabab / ISIS in Puntland.

Somali youth face difficulties in securing livelihoods due to the lack of jobs, poorly developed skills, and limited access to credit and capital assets. Generally, there are limited opportunities for young people in regard to access to decent education and employment in Puntland. This problem is a main factor among other that contributes to riskful choices of youth such as migrations or joining criminal activities.

In view of the above, Horn Vision NGO in partnership and with funding from UNICEF plans to implement an UPSHIFT Innovative Youth Livelihood Program in Garowe. The proposed HV initiative aims at providing youth, especially those at risk of extremism and violence as well as those released from armed groups, victims of human smuggling and returnees from Tahriib (illegal migration), with self – employing, mentorship and entrepreneurship life skills. The proposed project will contribute to improved livelihood for a target 100 youth (50 B and 50 G) who will benefit form market driven skills  training and will receive small start up capital grants for running their own youth led interventions.

Horn Vision is therefore inviting interested youth groups to apply for participation of the project by submitting an expression of interest using the provided template and based on the provided instructions. The applicants youth are required to present their innovative ideas for review and consideration by the joint selection committee.

Who is eligibility? 

A joint committee with members from Line Ministers, HV, UNICEF and will undertake review and shortlisting of the submitted youth proposals/ expression of interest against standard selection criteria that looks into the below areas of assessment/ considerations:

  1. Be a young person based in project targeted area (Garowe) who have innovative and marketable business initiative
  2. Innovative business idea that is doable and cost effectives
  3. Idea contributing to address existing social challenges facing young people
  4. Use of technology and ICT
  5. Ideas potential for creating employment opportunities for young people
  6. Participation of young girls to benefit from the project


Simply complete attached application template based on the provided instructions and tips. Then send the completed document to us via email:  or drop a hardcopy of your completed application to Horn Vision Office in Garowe.

 Click here for Application form:Application form